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Production Hexagonal Steel Bar (TS EN 10061)
The hot rolled hexagon sectioned steel bars inside the scope of this standart must be deliverd according to the dimensions shown on Figure 1 and Table 1. The preferred dimensions are given in Figure1.

Figure 1 - Hot rolled hexagonal steel bar

Table 1 - Preferred dimensions and theoretical weights of hot rolled hexagonal steel bars.

Upon order request, all the acceptable deviations can be determined as plus tolerance.
Example: For constan lengts (Instead of +/-100 mm) 0+200 mm or for full lengths (Instead of +/- 25 mm) 0+50 mm
Density: 7,85 kg/dm3

Dimensional Tolerances

Table2 -
Cross-section radius and accuracy tolerances of hexagonal hot rolled steel bars.
Dimensions in mm.

Çizelge 3 - Tolerances on Length

The customer must inform about the desired length, length type and length range.
Upon request, the production can be made with plus tolerance.
Example: For constant lengths (Instead of +/- 100 mm) 0+200 mm or for full lengths (Instead of +/- 25 mm) 0+50 mm
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