As Uyar Celik Family, we are approximately personality who are proud of being a member of this family, trust each other, respectful for fundamental humanitarian values, passionate, eager, highly motivated, and struggling to continuously develop themselves and their works…


Our Human Resources vision is to become the most preferred and desirable company to collaborate in our sector.

Career Management


Our basic purpose in career management is to employ right person in the right position, support our workers for shaping their own career, provide training and give some opportunities to develop their careers.

Our top priority is to satisfy our needs for managers’ position within Uyar Celik, among our employees that were trained in our company and that meet the conditions of career planning.

We organize training and development programs that will support career development of our workers, increase their performance and support them to use their potential in the most efficient way.

Performance Management System


Performance Management System is an important tool for strategic management and personal development. This is why, monitoring and objective assessment of performance is critical to achieve the purposes of the system.

Our target is to provide some development opportunities to our employees and increase their performance in a motivating environment by using an efficient performance management system.

At Uyar Celik, we assess the performance of our employees with a system that uses personal goals as well as competencies according to their own positions. We use the results of personal goal and competency assessment, which we make twice per year on a mid-year and year-end basis in ‘‘Training and Development’’, ‘‘Career Management Datas’’ and some other processes.