Karabük Mill

Steel production using the hot rolling method has always been our company’s main field of activity. As we started our journey of heavy industry in the central parts of İstanbul, the times when İstanbul wasn’t as crowded as today, we afterwards moved our hot rolling mill to the Industrial zone of Hadımköy which is in the outer part of İstanbul. Today, after closing the Hadımköy mill as well, we have moved the hot rolling mill to the city of Karabük, the city which is the heart of metallurgy in Turkey. There, we have increased our production capacity using equipments more modern than before. In Karabük, we serve the industry on a closed area of 16.000 square meters with our hot rolling and cold drawing facilities.

Production Facilities : Hot rolling and Cold Drawing

Yearly capacity : 80.000 tons in hot rolling, 25.000 tons in cold drawing.
Products : Hot rolled round, square, flat and hexagonal steel bars and some special sections. Bar to bar cold drawn round, square, flat and hexagonal steel bars.