İzmit (Dilovası) Mill

The manufacturing in Dilovasi mill is being carried out on a closed area of 12.000 square meters with precise methods such as cold drawing, grinding and peeling. In Dilovasi mill, we mostly use the hot rolled raw material which is produced in Karabük mill. Dilovasi mill is our export base at the same time. Most of our export is being shipped out from Dilovasi mill no matter where it has been produced. The reason is, the last controls of the goods to be shipped are always being done by our experienced Dilovasi staff carefully.

Production facilities:  Cold drawing, peeling and grinding.
Yearly capacity : 35.000 tons
Products : Bar to bar and wire to bar cold drawn round, square, flat and hexagonal steel bars. Peeled and grinded round bars.

We are capable of drawing round, flat, square and hexagonal steel bars in EN 10278 and ASTM A 108 tolerances. Other than cold drawing, we also have alternative cold finishing units such as peeling and grinding. Besides, we are capable of providing inspection certificate with crack control by using our own eddy current test devices.